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POS 2112 Assignment

Chapter 5:


1. Explain why American political parties seem to be “in disarray,” yet still provide useful political functions.


2. Discuss the influence of money in state elections, and various attempts to regulate state campaign finance.

4. Video. According to the campaign manager Aaron E. Ringel , what is the key to a successful campaign in a political race? What makes the job of campaign manager so difficult?


Chapter 6:


1. List and describe the main functions of state legislators. Which function seems most important and why?


2. Which groups are over-represented and which are under-represented in state legislatures? How might this affect policy? Give one specific example.


3. Briefly discuss the organization of, and procedures used by, legislatures. Give one example of what affect these structures, rules and norms have on the day to day operations of legislatures?

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