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POS/409 Individual: List Collections

Your software development company wants to continue developing and enhancing a software for internal use. The Software Development Company is now requesting that you change your data structure from an array to a .Net List.

For this week’s assignment, the application is required to read from a file (data.txt) containing employees’ data. Your tasks include:

  • Use the data file from the previous week (data.txt)
  • The C# data structure class/methods must demonstrate the use of object-oriented collections
  • Implement an employee record objects List Collection
  • Meet specifications by displaying on a Windows Form Application

Program Input File:

Using Visual Studio® and C# programming concepts, and using the previous data.txt file as your source file, write a program to meet the specifications of the company’s request. The program should have the following characteristics:

  • Compile and execute without errors
  • Meet specifications by demonstrating file handling, List Collection data structure manipulation, and Windows Form output mastery by accomplishing the following:
    • Read employees’ data from a file
    • Input the data into a List Collection data structure
    • Display the employees’ data on the console
  • Logic flow is clear, concise, and effective
  • User inputs and outputs should be clear on screen
  • Validation for input types and data format
  • Appropriate indentation to logically illustrate program structure
  • Identifiers logically describe use
  • Naming conventions are consistent
  • Comments and headers to explain processing that is not obvious

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