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Problems of sustainable architecture design

Write a 3,000-4,000 word research paper that examines a specific topic of sustainability in urban design in more detail. This topic can be expanded from one of your essay papers or you can choose something else entirely based on your interests or field of study as long as it can be connected to the class readings and discussions.

Be sure to answer the following questions:

1)    What is the issue? Be very clear about it.

Sustainable design practices have become a mainstream design intention.
However, some of the sustainable buildings gone wrong and failed their goals
When actually measured in post-occupancy assessments, theyve proven far less sustainable than their proponents have claimed. 
How can the desire to increase sustainability actually result in its opposite?

2)    Why it is important? What is un-sustainable about this issue?

It is necessary to figure out why some of the sustainable architecture design failed and how to improve / prevent sustainable design. Architects needs to learn from the mistakes of more experienced colleagues in order to avoid repeating them and design against them.

3)    What barriers from social, ecological, and economical aspects that make this issue difficult to solve?

4)    Evaluate any available approaches to this issue, and the tensions / conflicts that these approaches may precipitate? Who are the winners and losers? How are the costs and benefits distributed?

5)    How does your discipline (Architecture) fit into this?

Be sure to reference the works cited and provide a detailed bibliography following APA standards. You should draw not only from the materials we have used all semester, but you should also cite additional sources. A good starting point for these additional sources is the References sections of the works we have read.
Be sure to articulate your ideas.
Be clear and concise in your argument and evidence you use to support your claims and ideas.

1.    See other pdf files
2.    https://www.archdaily.com/396263/why-green-architecture-hardly-ever-deserves-the-name
3.    https://archive.curbed.com/2020/9/18/21445069/qiyi-city-forest-garden-mosquitoes-chengdu

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