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Program Portfolio Project – Man 2021

Create a leadership policy that has an emphasis on leadership theories.  Your policy should include team building skills to enhance leadership effectiveness in the organization. Research examples to support the development of your Program Portfolio Project business organizational overview.

You are required to submit a 3-Page (Title Page and 2 Pages of Content), APA formatted paper with substantial content. Substantial content requires staying on topic and fully addresses the assignment in a clear, concise, and meaningful manner. The deliverable length of your posting responses must be at least 3-page (Title Page and 2 Pages of Content), APA format.  Please review your paper for grammar and punctuation errors.

Direct quotes from references must be less than 20 words.

Textbook Link: file:///C:/Users/new/Downloads/MAN%204120%20Human%20Relations.pdf

The Company you will be making this policy for is Eden & Co. I have supplied you with some reference information about the company.

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