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Project Management plan

this assignment is divided into two parts
the first part is a project plan
and the second is a report of the project plan
Total of 3000 words for both
kindly find the attached file.
I need a page number and table of content

two-part of this assignment as explained one is a project plan
One plan for the current covid 19 situation
Stakeholders, resources, participants, people involving in logistics, supplies, Tasks (activity)to deliver the classes using alternative methods and how.
Who will do it and how long it will take
What are the risks
( logical common-sense plan)

Then the report which is
how will you measure that the plan was successful
The key performance indicator for participant satisfaction
If you will continue with this plan what will you improve to enhance your satisfaction and student satisfaction

Please make sure include academic references  and please see the uploaded file

kindly find the attached file

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