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Project Title: Solar Integrated Power Plants

It is suggested in this project that carry out a thermo-economic comparative analysis of integrating CSP to a gas turbine combined cycle. Study integrating parabolic trough/Fresnel collectors to the water side and study integrating solar tower to the gas side (heat the air after compressor of the gas turbine to help/eliminate the combustion chamber.
Additionally, study the use of both options: solar tower to heat the air after compressor of the gas turbine and parabolic trough/Fresnel collectors to heat the water in the Rankin cycle. Having these options, we could have tri-comparative analysis.

Project Nature:
This project nature might vary from full modeling and simulation of the conventional plant with the three different solar integration configurations to a critical analysis of the data available in public literature while considering the main objective of the thermo-economic comparative analysis stated above.

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