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proposal and bussiness plan

This assignment has two parts. Using your conceptual paper as a foundation, the first part of this assignment is the proposal for your strategic practice initiative. Your goal is to get the proposal approved for full business plan development (the financial and other resources needed to develop a detailed business plan will not be available until the CEO and executive team as a whole endorse this proposal.)  If the proposal is done with good diligence, there should be no surprises arising from the development of the business plan.  In the second part of this assignment you will describe how you will influence the organization to approve this proposal, and what you would do if it is not approved. 

Use your introduction to provide the reader a bridge from your conceptual paper to this proposal.

You should draw on what youve learned in the course as you complete the second part. What are the motivations of individuals and groups to be considered? How are values and ethics to be discussed around this proposal? Where is the power bases that you need to win over to get approval, and who could sidetrack it? How does this proposal hold up to what you learned about decision-making? If you had to negotiate to get this approved, how would conduct yourself in such a negotiation. You dont have to answer all these questions. But you are expected to relate what youve learned in the course to how you would lead to get this proposal approved in the organization (integration).

This is going to be imagined in large part, but it should be believable imagination based on theories in concepts you have learned.  You are encouraged to use your imagination, and have some fun applying the concepts youve learned to your virtual organization and getting a proposal approved. Follow the rubric.  If something in the rubric is not known, simply say it isnt known at this time. This paper cannot exceed 18 pages (not including title page, reference pages, and appendices).

You will upload your paper into Module 0 for grading

Section    Key Points    Possible Points    Points Earned/ Comments
Introduction    Bridge the conceptual paper to this proposal    20   
Description of problem    Describe the condition or observation that inspired this proposal    20   
Overview of the initiative proposed    Describe how the initiative would be planned for and implemented.    20   
Benefits    Who benefits from this initiative and how?    30   
Costs and Funding    How much do you believe this initiative will cost/ Are there any cost off-sets (e.g., new revenues or cost savings elsewhere in the organization?) How should this initiative be funded at start-up and on-going? (Operating expense, philanthropy, grants, etc.?)    10   
Impacts to existing operations    What other groups might be impacted by this initiative? Consider both organizational and community impacts.    20   
Resources    What staff are required for this initiative? Describe who in the organization is needed to move the proposal forward to implementation (finance, medical staff, nursing, pharmacy, planning department, etc.)    20   
Measures of success    How will the organization know if the initiative worked?    30   
Discussion of values and ethics    Describe what values and ethics were considered in the development of this proposal    20   
Politics, Power and Influence    Describe how these concepts will be used to successfully present this proposal to the organization    20   
What if it is not approved?    Describe your contingency plan and negotiating strategies    30   
Overall application of course concepts    Course concepts are implicit and explicitly present in the paper.    40   
APA 7    This assignment is done in the APA 7 style. Grammar and punctuation are correct. Citations and references are in correct format and sufficient to validate the elements discussed.    20   
    Total points    300

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