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Proposal Argument

For this essay, you will discuss a social issue that you feel needs to be addressed by society (local, national, or global).  In your discussion, you should include a definition of the problem, the causes, the societal impact, and why it is relevant i.e. why the average person should care.  Then, you will offer an innovative solution to the problem.  You should consider the current method in which society addresses the problem and whether or not those approaches are valid and reasonable.  After that discussion, offer your innovative solution and argue why it will address the problem in a realistic and inventive way.  Also, you might predict and discuss how the solution you propose will effect society and adequately address the problem.  Consider the social, financial/economical, cultural, and psychological effect of your proposed solution.

paragraphs of your essay must integrate multiple secondary sources through summarizing, paraphrasing, synthesizing, and quoting.  Remember to introduce and document each source accordingly.  You are to use at least 5 college-level sources:  books, academic journals, expert interviews, and credible web articles.  You may not use encyclopedias, reference articles, and internet sources (that are not credible review the evaluation sheet on web documents).

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