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If you have already completed your SONA research credits, you can ignore this assignment. It is only for those, per the syllabus, that have chosen the alternative to research studies for part or all of the research credit. The vast majority of you in this class will not need to turn anything in here.

This assignment is only for those students completing an alternative to research participation. If you are completing more than one paper, combine them into one document for submission, each paper starting at the top of a new page. Do not submit each of these as their own document, submit them as one document.

See the syllabus for more info, as well as the attached document – again, if you’ve already done all the credits you need in SONA, you can and should ignore this assignment.

Take note that this assignment is likely to be more difficult from a procedural standpoint if you are currently off campus. Journal access is tightly controlled by journal publishers, and journals that the university has access to for on-campus access will likely need to be accessed through the campus VPN software. I’m told that undergraduate students should now have access to the VPN, through the website: new.vpn.msu.edu . If you have trouble with the VPN, you should contact the IT help desk, as I have no way to help out with that system.

You may also use an approved open-access journal (e.g., Plos One, https://journals.plos.org/plosone/ ), as those journals can be accessed anywhere without need for journal fees and VPNs. If you use one of these, make sure that you search for psychology relevant articles, not just any articles.

Also take note that this assignment is graded very specifically to all the criteria outlined, and this needs to be completed exactly as outlined. As well, be very careful to use your own words, as any plagiarism on this assignment may result in a double-zero (a zero that counts for twice the weight) on this part of the grade.

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