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Assignment 2: Journal Article Critique

Expectation: 625-700 words (not including title page and references), based on a template, using APA Style.

You are required to complete a journal article critique based on an article in the list below. This assignment is designed to help you read a research article correctly and efficiently and to practice using APA Style. These skills will be valuable in completing the research paper later in the course. This assignment follows the same format as Assignment 1, but you will choose from a different set of articles.

You are required to follow the Journal Article Critique Template provided, which includes the headings required, the questions that you must address, and formatting instructions. Your report must be in narrative (paragraph) form.

Beyea, S. C., & Nicoll, L. H. (1998). Dispelling the myth that research answers all questions. AORN Journal, 68(6), 1044-1047. doi:10.1016/S0001-2092(06)62145-5.

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