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a) I have  attached the  presentation slides below about Kenneth Bianchi but I havent attached the slides for Matha Wise as I was unable to find for it  and so then you have read about their cases and answer following questions

1.A woman goes to a bar and consumes several beers and two shots of whiskey, which she pays for herself.  While at the bar, a man bumps into her accidentally spilling his drink on her.  She turns around and punches the man in the face, breaking his nose.  She is arrested for assault, and her attorney advises her to use her drunkenness as a defense for the assault.  Is she likely to be successful in using this approach?  Why or why not?

2.Name and describe 2 risk factors for violence that were present in Martha Wise history and 2 risk factors for violence that were present in Kenneth Bianchi’s history.

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