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Purchase format of cat train vienna


Hello, I am working with my group on a paper for Cat airport train in Vienna.
My part is literature and analysis of the purchasing format  and the relation between the purchasing format and the costumer loyalty.
Find the relation between the Purchasing format (online – offline )  and the costumer loyalty using academic resources . And based on the hypothesis 8 in this presentation (purchase format)
https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1DMO88dEYZfw15AjdP3Ceu6OgzgKyE0Tk8ADaqK57yeo/edit?usp=sharing .

You should write a literature 2 page and analysis 1 page and half to investigate the relationship between those and the customer loyalty.
Please also don’t forget that you should justify your the hypothesis in the literature and the analysis part .

In the literature you should propose this hypothesis : there is a relationship between the format of purchase (place of buying, offline or online, and so on ) and the customer loyalty. You need to find academic sources that suggest there is a relationship between ‘purchase format’ and the ‘customer loyalty’. Hope everything is clear now 🙂

In the analysis
Talk about the hypothesis
Based on it assume that there is a significant difference between different level on costumer loyalty based on purchase  format and based on the results I say that I accept or I reject
The h8 is Rejected   There is no significant correlation
you can interpret correlation and then interpret results in R ( Since there is weak correlation then u reject the hypothesis )

here is some feedback for the Draft.  An below is our google share so you can understand the concept of what we are doing .

The draft is generally well done, whenever there is code and it is not
short or very short or essential to understand something, it is usually
placed in an annex at the end of the file.

We will elaborate the grade looking at the following key items:

    Executive summary
    Literature review
    Hypothesis development
    Critical thinking


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