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Qualitative Research

I need my 8 pages based ONLY on the literature review section of my paper that I have uploaded (Bid4Papers Qualitative Research).  Upon your revising the Bid4Papers Qualitative Research paper, I want the writer to see that I only have two pages in the LITERATURE REVIEW SECTION (my professor wants more; and so, I need writer to continue from where I left off – IT is highlighted WRITER CONTINUES HERE (on page 7) of the research paper and focuses the eight pages on the LITERATURE REVIEW SECTION.  Please use the attached/uploaded references to add in text citations as you furnish the finished (8 pages)

Literature Review (10 pages):
This step is to review the current state of research on the topic entertained in your thesis/project. Information provided in this chapter, (differs from the general background information provided in chapter I), in that, it is designed to provide your readers with prior research relate to the goals and objectives/research questions you seek to answer.
As such, information described in this section should provide an extensive overview of varying viewpoints surrounding your research goals/questions, (organized by topic specific ideas), thus, orienting the reader in the discourse of the field. Keep in mind, however, that at this stage of the thesis writing your goal is simply to present these varying viewpoints, not to be critical of them.
In writing information needed in this Chapter, ensure your description is detailed enough, thus, providing your readers with the backdrop to, and/or reasons for, conducting your research/project.
For example: if your project is designed to focus on the high drop-out rates of special education students at the high school level, culminating in an in-depth plan/recommendations school systems can use to enhance their retention and graduation rates, your literature review should start by providing an overview of the drop-out rate of special education students at the high school level, thus, identifying the importance of your project, followed by an in-depth description of variables a variety of researchers say influence this drop-out rate, in addition to factors that enhance their retention and graduation rates. This information can then be infused in the plan/recommendations you would tell your school district to use.

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