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R Assignment

Complete the following steps for this module’s R assignment. Please note, the hospital1 data set, which is downloadable via the link in the instructions below, will be used for other R assignments later on in this course.

A director of research at an acute care hospital observes an increase in hospital length of stay (los). The director determines that this is harmful to patients and also harmful financially to the hospital. The dataset hospital1 contains data on a study the director conducted to determine which factors are related to longer lengths of stay.

Refer to your textbook and also the R screencast videos on this module’s lecture page for examples.

Using the describeBy() function in the psych package create a table comparing “spouse” to “los.” Then, use the data in your table to answer the following question: Which group has the higher mean/average length of stay (los)?
Copy and paste your tables from RStudio and findings into a Word document. Use a 10-point, Courier font.
Create a box plot comparing “spouse” to “los” (see p. 83 in the Auerbach and Zeitlin text). Then, interpret your findings by describing what you see in the box plot (see: page 98 in the Auerbach and Zeitlin text).
Copy and paste your findings into the same Word document as you did above in Item 2. Copy and paste the graph to the Word document as well (see: the “Introduction to R Graphics” video on this module’s lecture page).
Upload your findings.

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