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Racial experience

Description: You will write a brief (4-5 pages [more if necessary], typed (12-point font), double-spaced) essay in which you discuss and analyze your personal experiences with race and ethnicity.

Organization: Your essay should address the following issues:

A.    Your Racial and Ethnic Identity

What is it?  How do you define yourself (i.e., what symbolic markers/aspects your group identity from other identities)?  How do others define you in terms of race and/or ethnicity? What meaning does your group identity have for you?  How does it shape your personal identity?
How did you first become aware of your racial and/or ethnic identity as something that distinguishes you or marks you as different?
How does it affect your day-to-day experiences (if you feel that there is little effect, then you should explain why)?
How does your racial and/or ethnic identity affect your life chances (i.e., your opportunities to experience the good things in lifei.e., job opportunities, home ownership, and good healthas opposed to the badprison, residential segregation)?  Do you perceive any negative effects?  Do you enjoy any advantages?  You might find it helpful to compare yourself with members of other racial and/or ethnic groups in the U.S. or your home society.
Do you think your experiences based on your racial and/or ethnic identity are similar to others who share the same racial and/or ethnic identity, or are there other factors that influence your identity (e.g. gender, sexuality, ability, and nationality/immigration status)?

I am a Black African American Female. I am an U.S. citizen.

My racial experience was that I was call a “monkey” by one of my teammates at a school that I attended freshman year.

My skin color is what makes me different/exotic

Explain how being black effects me in the work area

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