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Rain of Gold Questions

I need a number of questions being asked, answered in regards to the book “Rain of Gold.” I need 3 questions answered possibly with quotes from the book. If quotes cannot be used, then I can add them myself. I just haven’t had much time with current events in life. The paper also does not need to be 3 pages long. There is no minimum or maximum amount of pages required. I just put 3 just in case. These are the 3 questions I need answered:

Question 1: Racism, discrimination and social injustices against those of Mexican descent are seen in
various parts of this story, especially when the families cross the border from Mexico to the United
a) Discuss 4 specific examples where racism, discrimination, and prejudice against Mexicans, Juans
family, and Lupes family are illustrated by the dominant culture. (20 points)
b) On the other side, discuss 2 examples of individuals who seem to ignore the racial differences
between themselves and those of Mexican heritage. (10 points)

Question 5: Compare and contrast the idea of courting versus today’s idea of dating. What is found in
this story? Courting or dating? Explain two scenarios in which courting or dating is found in this story,
which characters are involved, and how their courtship ends.

Question 7. The lack of women’s rights can be seen through the strike in chapter 19, section 5. Explain
why this is a good example of the lack of women’s rights, what was done in response to that lack of
rights, and what the outcome of the situation was? What are some contemporary examples of similar
lack of womens rights that are still plaguing our country today?

Again, I will make up what hasn’t been able to be done in regards to possibly needed quotes.

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