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Rationale and Pager for kid

You are going  to prentend that you are elementary teacher/science , and you are going to write a  Rationale  for  a  key instructional  design decision  you  made when planning your lessons; (Attached to order) e.g.,  ordering learning activities,  choosing a  way  to  teach  (direct  instruction or constructivist). Also, as  with the  edTPA,  describe  a  Learning  Theory (Long lifekidergarden Theory Attached to order)that  influenced your  planning  by telling how  your lesson was  aligned to it, or was  shaped or changed because  of it.
Step Two: 2 Pager for Kids  that  you have  created for use  with your lessons.  Note:  The  1 Pager for Kids  that  you created which summarizes  the  concepts  and process  skills  addressed in your planned lessons  and unit  of instruction

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