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Read and Respond

Watch the video provided by the following YouTube link. [Watch from 0:00 to 6:45] 


After watching the video, answer my questions which are posted beneath this sentence. Type your answers in a Word doc or a Google doc, save the doc file on your computer, and then use the Assignment Submission box to attach your Word doc or Google doc to this module. Click submit when you’re ready to send it.

1) When filming a scene, into what 3 colors did the Technicolor camera split the image?

2) The filming of a scene produced 3 different groups of film negatives [one for each of the aforementioned colors].

              List two things that were done to each group of film negatives before the dye transfer process.

3) The aforementioned  dye transfer process

A. Involved using a thin paint brush to color the film images by hand, one frame at a time.
B. Combined three different images to make one final image.
C. Involved draining color from a film print to make it black and white.
D. None of the above

4) Why did Technicolor film cameras have to be larger than ordinary motion picture film cameras?

5) What two extra things did a Technicolor camera require on a movie set so that the resulting film would not look bad and sound bad?
  [This answer is not the same as question #4s answer]

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