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Reading Discussion: Noll on World Christianity

First, based on your reading of the chapters from Noll assigned this week, post your carefully considered response to the following prompt:

What are 3 ways in which Christianity worldwide (especially evangelicalism) has changed (taken on a new shape) since the 19th century (the 1800s)? List your 3 changes, describe them (at least 1 sentence each), and explain why you chose them (at least 2 sentences each). Use specific details from Noll’s book.

Then, thoughtfully read and engage at least 2 of your colleagues’ responses with a substantive reply of at least 4 sentences each. Each reply needs to answer this question: Do you agree with the importance of the 3 changes your colleague chose? If you do agree, provide additional specific evidence that further supports their choices from the reading in Noll. If you do not agree, charitably explain why you differ and support your own view with specific evidence from Noll. In all likelihood, you will agree with some choices and not others.

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