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Reading Response: Noll, Chapters 1-5

First, read the following portion of the assigned textbook:

Noll, The New Shape of World Christianity, chapters 1-5

Then, submit a 2-page, single-spaced response to this reading that addresses the following:

Author details: Provide their full name, institutional affiliation, areas of expertise, notable publications, and any other interesting detail(s) you can find by doing a web search.
Definitions: List 2 words/concepts you did not understand when you came across them in the reading and their definitions.
Summary: Summarize the reading’s argument (what the author is explaining in these chapters) in 300-400 words.
Analysis: Explain what you found new, compelling, or unconvincing (and why) in 300-400 words.
Late reading responses will not be accepted under any circumstances. These responses must be completed before you can thoughtfully participate in the related discussion activity.

MLA citations and a Works Cited page expected for quoting and summarizing the textbook and any other sources.

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