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Reflection: Final Reflection on Your Personal Philosophy

Respond to the following questions in a 500-word paper that is no longer than 2 pages in length:

What have you learned about philosophy?
How has your knowledge of the field of philosophy improved?
How do you think what you have learned will change or improve your life?
How do you think what you have learned will help you engage in social change?

An effective response to the question should be organized around a clear thesis with coherently developed paragraphs. The thesis should be presented in the introduction; each body paragraph should have a clear topic sentence and supporting details, especially from the resources in the course.
Support your ideas by connecting them to Interactive Unit content, the Resources in the Blackboard Assignments, or something you have read, heard, seen, or experienced. Be sure to use evidence to support your claims by citing your source. For example, acceptable citations include According to the What is Your Philosophy? survey and According to a January 5, 2015 article in the New York Times.

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