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Reflection on sources and perspectives

Write and upload a brief essay (200-300 words) reflecting on this week’s reading/viewing materials.

Use one or more of the following prompts as starting points (you may also expand beyond these prompts):
Synthesize what that you learned or were surprised to learn, and explain why it is meaningful to you
Describe how what you learned in this week’s readings relates to broader implications for how diverse individuals and entities interact within the food system
Talk about your own perspective and how you know what you know, and whether materials this week resonate or conflict with your viewpoints
Incorporate reference to at least three sources from this week’s readings/viewings (these can include the original materials linked in Canvas and/or links and references within those resources)

Reading links:
Read selections from the following two sources:

Measuring Racial Equity in the Food System

Read p. 1-6
Scan through metrics on p. 7-31, making sure to look at examples in each category (food access, food and farm business, food chain labor, food movement)
As you read, reflect on:
What types of metrics are included? Are there some you hand’t considered previously?
Where do existing metrics come from? What are the sources for primary vs. secondary data?
What do the “suggested” metrics tell us about what is and isn’t being measured in the food system?
Find several existing metrics that interest you and look them up. Think about how this information could be utilized to further racial equity in the food system
An Annotated Bibliography on Structural Racism Present in the US Food System

Read p. 1-4
Scan through the sources listed on p. 5-52. Find at least two sources that interest you and explore them further (i.e., look them up and read/watch)
As you explore, think about information and perspective and information sources: Where does the information presented come from? What type of information is it? What are the perspectives of the author(s)? What is your perspective? Do they differ?

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