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Reflection: Re-Assess Baseline Fitness (Discussion Question not a paper)

THIS IS A SHORT SUSPENSE ASSIGNMENT. WILL NEED AN ANSWER BY END OF DAY (Korea Standard Time). Will accept a bid increase if necessary and reasonable.

Utilizing the attached baseline fitness assessment (FW4001) and the reassessment fitness assessment FW4006) (both attached to this question):

write a reflection to: 

  • Analyze your own perceptions of reassessing physical activity readiness, health-related behaviors, and baseline fitness 
  • Analyzeyour baseline fitness reassessment resultsrelative to age and gender norms 

 Recommend steps to create a personalized and comprehensive lifetime fitness and wellness program 

Note: While this is a reflective piece, it is important to consider how the supporting resources have informed your thinking, and you must cite this in your writing and provide references following APA 7 formatting.


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