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Reflective blog entries and Statement of Learning

Instructions on Assessment: 

Statement of Learning

You are required to produce a Statement of Learning which summarises your learning experience from all reflective blog entries. Your Statement of Learning should reflect your ability to relate what you have learnt from the real-world business activities, events or decisions. Your Statement of Learning should be around 800 words in length and will outline your areas for future personal development. 4 references please..


Reflective Blog Entries 

Your Statement of Learning should be underpinned by at least 10 Reflective Blog Entries. Each Blog Entry should be around 500 – 600 words in length and will evi-dence your approach to continuous learning throughout the module. Marks will be awarded for in-depth reflection that displays a mature ability to analyse, disseminate and discuss real world business issues. 1 reference for each blog in the beginning where you describe the issue


• Step 1: Pick a recent business issue from a reputable news source that you find interesting (i.e. Financial Times, BBC News, Bloomberg etc.) and spend no more than a few sentences describing the issue.

• Step 2: Briefly summarise how you feel about the issue (i.e. is it surprising? Are you shocked? How damaging do you think it is? – Explaining why you think this?). 

• Step 3: Apply one of the tools that we have covered in each week’s lecture to the business issue you have chosen. You may wish to produce an annotated diagram of your chosen tool in order to do this.

• Step 4:  Offer some analysis that looks into the reasoning behind your findings (e.g. what was the cause? Why did the issue occur? How might it have an impact on stakeholders?).

• Step 5:  Finish by outlining how you think your chosen tool is helpful/ unhelpful to organisations and discuss what the organisation could learn from the issue you have chosen.


When writing your blogs you should strive for quality over quantity i.e. it’s better to fully develop a small number of analytical points, rather than produce lots of points that go into little detail.


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