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write replies to both of this paragraphs.

1.Being in a group and teams is hard because there is always pairs butting heads and someone fighting to be a leader. But most of these enterprises wouldnt be successful without a team/group. I work in a retail corporation where team/group is what is needed to run corporation. Walmart is a successful company even though it started out with one person but now its widespread company up until now. So many corporate companies work along with teams/groups to achieve the maximum success.

        I think in order be effective successful team, you have to able to communicate. Communication is always an important factor, it makes sure to know what each person is contributing to the team and able to know what each person knows (D., 2016). Being a good communicator also means you are an attentive listener as well, it shows that you are able to respect peoples opinion and able to show attentiveness towards the person (D., 2016). I feel without communication you wont know what each person is contributing and with communication you know where you and the teammates are progressing with their project/work.

            Another reason to reach success is diversity of capabilities (Ingram, D., 2019). It takes time to know each members capabilities to the group. When building a team, they need to know their weaknesses and strengths as well, also what kind of skill sets they can contribute (Ingram, D., 2019). As I mentioned above about Walmart, I am an associate at Walmart. It was very different experience for me because I never was able to say Walmart has become a second family to me. At first it seemed as they only cared about the company but, they care about each member in each department and get to know them as well. I work along with ten different associates but, we all know each other skills and let them each do what they can and what they are good at. We trust each other to achieve the maximum, such as the goal of the weak is to sell 50 chickens in a day and we will make sure to achieve that by looking at how many customers are coming in and what time we should put each one due to how many people are coming in. One will take care of making the chicken, the other one will watch the sale, the other will advertise it.

        Another asset to have an affective team is to adapt to changes (Ingram, D., 2019). I wasnt a good associate as I am today plus, I didnt know what I was getting into when I applied for the job. But I was able to adapt the skills, learn codes for each item, cook, wash as years went by. It wasnt easy for me because it was a new environment but, I was able to adapt to it. Being in a team, goals changes and have to face new challenges so, it takes time but if you cant adapt to changes the team would fail or lose members (Ingram, D., 2019). Change is part of life and that is how we go with the flow.

2.A team is a group of people who are linked together through a collective purpose and work to achieve a common goal. In a team, each member has a shared responsibility through the collective purpose. Teams elevate each others strengths and fill gaps and weaknesses where their teammates lack. Collective work occurs in teams

A group is when two or more individuals work together to complete a task and coordinate their individual efforts. Each group member works on their own specialization with their own goals in mind. Individual work occurs in groups.There can be multiple groups within a team, while groups consist of individuals.

A good example of a team could be the Toronto Raptors. They are a group with a collective purpose and work to achieve a common goal. They have people who are good at certain things and are strong in some areas, but the whole team would fall apart if it werent for the team supporting each other. There has to be people filling in the gaps and weaknesses to prevent other teams from exploiting it. They have to work collectively to play both defense (By guarding the paint and covering corners), and offense (by setting up screens to create opportunities or playing on teammates offensive strengths such as long-range shots).

Goal theory explains how they regulate people behavior so they can perform well competitively. Goal theory says people desire to behave in ways consistent with their values. If the team has consistent values across the board and they are all working towards a common goal, they will be a strong team

The team measures their success on how effective they are as a team at playing offence and defence, how well they prevent the other teams from scoring and how well they create opportunities to score. Not about how much points they score. By looking at it this way they not only see what to do right but also what to fix and what to avoid in how the team works together. If the team cant work together they will be unsuccessful.

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