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Research Paper

Directions: Select one area of literacy and language instruction to research (phonological skills, vocabulary/word meaning, reading skills, or writing skills). Learn all you can about that aspect of literacy and language instruction. Select an age range you are focusing on for your research (K-3 or 4-6). Locate 5 different strategies for teaching that area to elementary students within the age range selected. There are two parts to this assignment.

Part I- Research Paper

Your paper should include the following:

Overview of the area of literacy instruction selected and the age range you will be focusing on for your research. Describe what is known about this area of literacy (use your text as one of your references)
Identify 5 strategies that could be used to teach students in the age range you have selected For each strategy include the following:
What is the strategy? Describe the strategy and cite the source where you found the strategy
What is your rationale for selecting the strategy? Why did you select this particular strategy?
How would you use this strategy in the classroom? (With the whole class, small group instruction, Individual)
What did you learn about teaching language and literacy from this assignment?

Directions: For part 2 of your research project, you will share the 5 strategies for the area of literacy and language instruction you focused on for your project (phonological skills, vocabulary/word meaning, reading skills, or writing skills). To earn full credit, locate the page for your focus area and share the 5 strategies. For each strategy, upload the source (by providing a working URL) and provide a brief description of the strategy. Refer to directions and rubric for research project in week 8 for more information.

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