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Research Paper

Informatics Solution Proposal: General Solution

Assignment Content

Determine a category of informatics or technology that can solve the clinical or administrative issue you identified in Week 2. (Please note administrative issue was identified in week 2 utilizing the home health setting.)

Compose a summary of the benefits of selecting a product from this category of technology or informatics system:

o    Identify a category of informatics or technology solution that may be appropriate for the identified workplace. Select a category of solution but not a specific product.
o    Provide a rationale for why this category of solution may help address the clinical or administrative problem.
o    Describe regulatory, legal, or ethical issues this category of solution may cause or resolve.

Format your assignment as one of the following:

o    350- to 525-word paper

Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources, and develop an APA-formatted reference page.

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