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Research Paper

Twice during the Kennedy Administration the U.S. faced crises over Cuba, one of which,  the Cuban Missile Crisis, brought the U.S. and USSR perilously close to nuclear war. In  both crises, intelligence played key roles, indeed. The first crisis, the Bay of Pigs, was a  covert operation. Write a paper that defines, compares, and contrasts the intelligence  aspects of each of these crises. How does each crisis elucidate the constraints of  intelligence operations? How does each (or does each) illustrate the critical role  intelligence can play in U.S. strategic interests?

Formatting requirements are Times New  Roman, 12-point, double-spaced, and APA format. Include an APA-formatted bibliography, and  footnote the sources you use or quote in the paper. This includes paraphrasing and direct quotes from other writers and sources. Do not fail to do this; otherwise you would be plagiarizing other people’s work.

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