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Research Paper in Ecology Lab

 Scientific Research Paper  You will write a lab report using the scientific format of introduction, methods, results, and discussion to report the findings of this lab. You need to search the literature on  edge effects for your introduction and to support or to compare with your conclusions for  the discussion section of your paper (citing your literature as shown in the format given  to you previously).  Things to think about in your paper:  Why are the potential factors causing differences in species richness and/or abundance  between edge and interior habitats? What are some of the things that explain this  difference from the literature?  Why was canopy cover presumed to have an effect on the species richness and  abundance of arthropods in the forest? What other data that you collected might be  useful in analyzing the arthropod species distributions? How would you analyze them?  If you had null results (no significant difference between habitats and/or no strong  correlations) for your experiment, what are the potential reasons?  What are the differences, if any, in the types of species and their population sizes that  occur in the two different habitats? How would you analyze this? Suggest some  possible statistical analyses in the discussion section. 

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