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Role Play Discussion for Participants Who Are NOT Presenting in Live Session

Please read the following scenario:
Participant story: LatinX couple was referred to school social worker for counseling due to their concern and anxiety because their 17 year old daughter is dating a black student at her high school. They are demanding that their daughter be transferred to another school and is threatening to keep her home until something is done. Father is a 40-year-old business consultant who immigrated to USA twenty years ago from Argentina. Mother is a 38-year-old computer programmer who immigrated to USA nineteen years ago from Bolivia. Both parents present as agitated and disappointed with schools inability intervene. They stated that their daughter is at risk of getting pregnant and abused but did not disclose any information to support their claim. Father openly stated black boys can be violent and will leave his child with a baby and run off.  Mother stated she comes from a good family and we dont want her to embarrass us by dating a black person. She went on to further state that her parents would never accept this relationship because he is not like us, we work hard and dont break the law. They both related that they are not racist but thinks that he looks scary because of his size and dark complexion. Mother was tearful and began blaming herself for her daughters actions. They accused school for being too liberal and not protecting their child. School is located in Brooklyn, NY and is celebrated for its academic achievements and diversity.
Social Worker tasks: The general tasks of the social worker will be to assess cultural factors, mediate conflict, provide feedback and support to family and student. Worker will take into account their own cultural biases and positionality. Keenly observe parents reactions and explore potential resolutions. Worker will utilize engagement, exploration, active listening, intervention, and assessment skills.
Discuss how you would navigate the scenario. Please use the PROP lens along with the following resources from this week as a tool and point of reference:
Haywood, J. (2017). Anti- Black Latino Racism in an Era of Trumpismo. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 30(10), 957-964. doi: 10.108009518398.2017
Please write how you would navigate the scenario and be prepared to view an in-class role-play based on this scenario and to provide feedback to your peers.

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