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Rhetorical Appeal to help change peoples minds on civil rights and BLM

The prompt question is In order to change peoples minds, which strategies/techniques should a civil rights movement use today? i chose logos as my strategy so please base it around that and put that in the thesis statement. I put my writing rubric in the files, i want to average a 4 or 5 score on all of the writing categories on it. Could you use terms and literature best used by a junior in highschool so its not unrealistic. I need to have 3 specific sources used in the essay, and it needs to be 11 point font, double spaced, and times new roman. i put the rubric for grading the essay in the files, as well as a basic structure setup for the essay assigned by my teacher, a page of the list of sources i can use, i need to use at least 3 of them in the essay, and some other information about whats needed in the essay.

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