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rough draft

Rough draft

Assignment: Instead of producing a formal essay, create a multimodal proposal. This means that you will use (1) text, (2) visuals, (3) audio, and/or (4) video to enhance your argument. You must use at least three.

The Proposal: Your proposal will address the following components:

What is the issue? Educate the audience (assume that they do not care about the issue)
Why is it important? Convince them to care.
What is your stance on it? Articulate your position.
What do you think needs to be done? Argue what action should be taken to resolve the problem.
Topic: The topic is your choice, but it will be easiest to build upon the work you have done in the 1st and/or 2nd paper.

Requirements: You must have…

A claim (thesis)
Use at least 5 sources to build the argument
3 quotations must be incorporated into your multimodal essay
You must use at least 3 modalities
Research: Your project must explicitly show evidence of your research (a minimum of 3 sources are to be used). You are to include a Works Cited which may be part of the multimodal essay or submitted as a separate Works Cited page via the Dropbox.

Format: You can choose whatever platform you want as long as the final product can be uploaded and viewable to the class. Consider what multimodal format will be most effective in persuading your audience? What can be conveyed best through modalities other than the printed word?

Possible Formats: Podcast, video, iMovie, VoiceThread, PowerPoint, Prezi, Powtoon, SITES, Glogster, Fakebook, infographic, photo essay

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