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1. EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE OVERVIEW- Provided a comprehensive overview of evidence-based practice and the steps involved. 90-100%

2. RESPONSIBILITIES OF A BSN-PREPARED NURSE RELATED TO HEALTH CARE DELIVERY- Fully explained the responsibilities of the BSN-prepared nurse related to health care delivery. 90-100%

3. ROLE OF A BSN-PREPARED NURSE ADAPTING TO CHANGES IN HEALTHCARE DELIVERY- Fully explained the role of BSN-prepared nurse in adapting to changes in healthcare delivery. 90-100%

4. BENEFITS OF TELEHEALTH- Accurately identified the benefits of telehealth. 90-100%

5. LIMITATIONS OF TELEHEALTH- Accurately identified the limitations of telehealth. 90-100%.

6. BARRIERS TO IMPLEMENTATION AND USE OF TELEHEALTH- Accurately identified the barriers to the implementation and use of telehealth. 90-100%

7. ENHANCING EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE IN TELEHEALTH- Fully described the ways nurses can enhance the use of evidence-based practice in telehealth. 90-100%

8. INFORMATION LITERACY- Fully integrated 3 relevant sources of supporting evidence. 90-100%

9. USE CORRECT SYNTAX AND SEMANTICS- Accuracy in grammar, sentence structures, sentence boundaries, and word choice enhanced content.

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