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Sales and Marketing Evaluation

you will evaluate a sales pitch and marketing video.
Evaluate a sales pitch made on the television show, Shark Tank. You may choose any one of the sales pitches shown at https://abc.go.com/shows/shark-tank/episode-guide, or any other Shark Tank sales pitch video that you find online via YouTube, etc. Please be sure to list the episode title and/or URL of the video you choose.
Search online for the company represented in the sales pitch you chose. Does the company have a website? Do they have a marketing video for the product or service featured on Shark Tank? Evaluate the promotional materials that you find.
Respond to the following questions:
What was the name of the company and/or product pitched in the video you watched? Briefly describe the product or service. If you chose a video other than the one listed above, please provide the URL.
Consider the offers given, suggestions made by the Sharks, questions asked by the Sharks, and the final outcome. Do you agree with the Sharks about this product or service? Why or why not?
What sort of promotional materials did you find online for this product or service? Were the materials effective? Why or why not.
Would you buy this product or service? Why or why not?
Your response should be 12 pages in length and follow APA formatting and citation.

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