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the presentation will be based on the attached paper. the presentation must be appealing. and 8-10 minutes long. please add a link for an interesting and appropriate video on the topic.

2.    Presentation: This case study represents a major component of your study, research and
practice for this course.  Presentation needs to demonstrate integration of theory and advanced professional practice.  The media center is an excellent resource and the staff will help you to set up the use of power-point, videos or overheads.  You may wish to include an evaluation form from your audience for your own professional growth and portfolio.  Teaching Handout with objectives for learning, bibliography and any other information you would like others to have.  Include information from your case history.
Professionalism10 %
            Identify 4 learning objectives.. 10%
            Creativity and content…60%
            Teaching Handout- learning objective, summary an bibliography.  20% 
            Total100 of 10 points

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