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Scholarly article summary


Choose one article from any of the Engl 2132 Recommended Scholarly Articles.pdf from Units 2-5 (this document can be found under Writing Resources in Course Resources folder in the Table of Contents) and compose a 600-word summary.

Create a correct bibliographical citation (MLA, 8th ed.) for your article and place it at the top of the opening page. The citations provided for you in the “Recommended Scholarly Articles” folder are already in correct MLA format.

Begin with a statement (usually more than one sentence) explaining the author’s thesis in the article. Throughout your summary, refer frequently to the author of the article so that it is clear you are summarizing his or her ideas and not your own.

Identify all the main points (and relevant sub-points) that support the authors thesis; identify key ideas and terms from the article; include several short quotations from the article, with the actual page number in parentheses after the quotations; provide a sense of conclusion at the end.

Citation for article:

Hilfer, A. C. (2012). Nature as Protagonist in The Open Boat. Texas Studies in Literature & Language, 54(2), 248257. https://doi.org/10.1353/tsl.2012.0012

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