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Step 1-
Decide to do a blog or a podcast. Secondly, research effective ways to create a blog or podcast. Write two to three paragraphs giving tips and an explanation of your research findings. Please include any helpful web links or tips in a WORD DOCUMENT.

Step 2-
The second page of the WORD Doc. you create your blog or podcast write out what you would say. You when then incorporate the link in which you would post the of the podcast or forum (your audience). It does not have to go live or be published. The podcast or blog is to be a business professional in an industry of your choice. It can be entirely made up but must make sense and be appropriate for the industry you choose.

Optional- The first is step 1 in a word document. Step 2 depends on, which project you decided to do. You can use live feeds of a blog you created or you can record your podcast. Use the medium or software that provides you with a finished polished product. Incorporate the link or a way to open the file in the WORD doc. The second option is to copy the link or attach the blog in the comments area.

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