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Sex and Seniors, the topic is to write about the relationship of the elder population and their relationship with sex

task is to write a literature review on the topic of your choice.

Specifications:  5-6 pages (anything over is fine, but pretty please no more than 10). This page limit only includes the text of your paper, not the title page or references, an abstract isnt necessary for a homework assignment.  You will need to find 5 strong peer-reviewed scientific sources.  Paper is 12 or 11 pt font with 1 margins.  Attempt APA style, you wont be graded on your APA style.but attempt it, you will need to know it for nearly any science writing.  Here is a good website to help you learn it if youve never used it.  They have a visual example paper there as well so you can see the style.  (I will not accept the paper if you dont attempt APA style) 

Acceptable types of sources: 
Gold standard: peer-reviewed research papers found through the library databases.  These can be original research, or peer-reviewed Review or meta review papers on a topic.  Magazines like Psychology Today do not count as peer-reviewed research. 
Silver: Books published by notable scientists in their field (means you have to check their credentials, what training they have, if other peers doing similar work get similar results, and if theyve published results in peer-reviewed journals before)
Bronze: Interviewing a scientist who does this work yourself, whether in a live or written interview format
Dont even think about it: Blogs, random webpages run by one person, Wikipedia entries, pop culture scientists like Dr. Phil/Dr. Oz that dont actually do research.  Feelings or opinions not backed up by empirical evidence. Journalistic sources are not scientific sources. If the newspaper article cites science then it is your job to search the databases for work by that scientist so you can read it yourself. Examples of journalistic sources: NYtimes, psychology today, Washington Post, The Guardian, etc.

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