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Choose a topic below related to the role of gender in history. You can choose particular women or divide the periods or tribes up to write this.


1) Role of Women in Imperial Rome (20 CE – 476 CE)


2) Role of Women in Ancient Greece (400 BCE – 200 BCE)


3) Role of women in Ancient Egypt ( 2000 BCE – 100 CE)


4) Role of women in Middle Ages (800 – 1200 CE)


5) Role of women in Renaissance (1400-1600 CE)


6) Role of women in Ancient China (3000 BCE – 400 CE)


7) Role of women in Ancient India (3000 BCE – 400 CE)


8) Role of women in Native American Tribes (1000 – 1800 CE)


9) Role of women in Mali Empire (1230 – 1670 CE)


10) 1920 women’s movement in United States (1918-1929)


11) Women’s role during and after World War II in the U.S. (1933 – 1950)


12) Any period or culture – need professor approval




Answer the following questions in numerical format (#1-6). 2-3 pages. MLA format. 12 Font Times New Roman only.


All work must be properly cited and unless otherwise noted; do not include pure opinion. 


1) Outline the basic history of the event(s). You can use a timeline or write it out. 


2) Describe the role of women in that cultural (overview is fine).


3) What did your society/culture/time period believe about women’s place in society?


4) Did the role of women change during your chosen topic or time period? If so how? If not, why not?


5) List the accomplishments of 3 – 5 women from your time period and why they are still important today.


6) How has the perception of women in your time period influenced modern American ideas about women and sexism?


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