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Select an industry or field (KUWAITI WOMEN PRACTICING LAW/becoming lawyers and JUDGES ) and describe its state of affairs of sexual equality by going through each of The four types of equality and applying it to that industry:

1. Equality: Males and female are able to do the same thing (e.g. vote, attend a club, be president)

2. Equality of process: males and females are treated in the same manner (e.g. college application are treated in the same way , both get the sa,e amount of time off when having a baby)

3. Equality of opportunity: Males and females have an equal chance of success (e.g graduating college, becoming CEO, of living a happy life)

4. Equality of outcome: males and females will have the same outcome(e.g. Will make equal amount of money, will be equally satisfied with their lives)

The aim of this paper is to be able to compare career tracks of males and females in a field.

Having described the state of the KUWAITI WOMEN PRACTICING LAW/ JUDGES along these 4 types of equalities, now choose and defend the one that you think is ultimately the most important for saying that sexual equality in this industry is/will be achieved.
(e.g. equality of outcome with regards to pay or equality of opportunity with regards to getting a job in the
Remember that youre making a comparative argument. To say that one equality is the most important is to say that its more important than the other types of equalities, and to give reasons for why its not just important, but more important than the others. This should be the type of equality that you believe should be the end-goal of any pursuit of gender equality.

More Instructions:
Try to be as clear and direct as possible in communicating your ideas
Answer the question in full (each and every part and in that order).
Remember that any claim you make about the industry that is not grounded in your own experience must be cited in-text and avoid quotes esp long ones, as much as possible.

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