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Short Creative Argument & Self Analysis

Hello!  This is a 2 part essay, both needing two pages.  Part 1 is the short creative assignment.  I have opted to take on the persona of a person defending himself to the family of a young man killed in a hate crime, the purpose of this essaying being taking on the persona of someone who needs to make an argument.  I’ve written a portion of it (it’s been uploaded), but I am absolutely stuck, as it’s been years since I wrote with anything resembling creativity.  Part two is a rhetorical analysis of the creative portion.  This is the analytical side of the assignment. We were instructed to examine the diction, title, tone, transitions, organization, and the rhetorical appeals used in part 1. Specifically, “You are looking at how you put your argument together and whether or not you made an effective argument. Look back at part 1 and examine the types of rhetorical appeals you used. Then evaluate why you used those specific appeals and if you deem them effective or not.
In part 2, you dont necessarily have to say that your argument in part 1 was effective. Instead, you could say that the rhetorical appeals you used in part 1 were not effective, but then you would also need to explain why you chose to use those ineffective appeals. Regardless of whether you claim that your argument in part 1 was effective or ineffective, you should use evidence from part 1including at least three direct quotationsto support your argument.”

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