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Short story analysis

Write an paper of at least 750 words (excluding quotations, headings, and works cited) in which you make an interpretative claim about the story. Identify a theme and craft a thesis statement that says something interesting about the short story you chose and the theme you’ve identified. Follow the generalized outline found here: Overview of Summary versus Analysis

Remember, your thesis needs to say something specific, so for example, if you identify the theme of the story as “love,” you’d need to assert what the story is saying about love. Simply stating “this story is about the importance of love” is NOT a thesis. Think about what observation or commentary the author is making about human experiences.

Formatting and structure: Your paper should follow the general outline found here and include the following:

An introduction that ends with your thesis statement making an interpretative claim about the short story. Please note, a statement must end in a period. Do not ask a rhetorical question. You can review thesis statements here.
An organized discussion that is developed clearly and thoroughly throughout the essay using well crafted body paragraphs (as many as you need). You can review paragraph construction here and here.
Specific examples, which are cited properly, from the production of the play, the text of the play, and the relevant textbook materials to support your assertions.
A conclusion that summarizes the ideas presented in your essay.
Format and Style Requirements:use the writing requirements, analysis paper guidelines, and style guide

Note about outside sources: outside sources are NOT required for this essay.

Short story:

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