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Short Story Critical Journal Comparison

Hi, please help me write a journal comparison. there are two short stories; 1, “The Yellow Wallpaper” https://www.owleyes.org/text/yellow-wallpaper; 2, “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings” https://www.bolles.org/uploaded/2016-17_Summer_Reading/Upper_School/Sophomore_Summer_Reading/VeryOldMan_Marquez_2016.pdf
Professor’s request: Compare the critical styles of two short stories we read for the class based on the authors’ structure of the story elements of character and setting, and the authors’ use of language that might include symbolism or motifs, in a two-page journal response. Use direct quotes from each story and include a works cited section listing the two stories and the sources (pdf or print) according to MLA style of documentation. Be sure to include parenthetical references following your use of direct quotes (author’s last name and page number if available) and identify the speaker of these quotes as your leading phrase into the quote itself.

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