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Show Critique

The point of this assignment is to be able to watch and evaluate a theatrical production.  You will find a link to various sites where you can watch the theatre online or you can find a show that you would prefer to watch. If you chose your own show – please email me to let me know what show you want to watch.  Also – you need to choose a show that you have NOT seen before.  The idea is to watch the production for the first time and evaluate it based on your impression of it.

Please note:  The show you watch needs to be a theatrical production and NOT a show made for TV.

Criteria for the show critique

The critique of the production needs to be your perception of the show based on specific details.

The idea with an assignment like this is to watch a theatrical performance (NOT a film!) and then evaluate it based on some of the things we have talked about in this course so far.  See the rubric for the assignment to see what your critique needs to include as well as guidelines for how long it needs to be.


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