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Smart City project

Background of Toronto
6). Smart cities ideas and tech influence Toronto (improving city service, etc.)
7). Identify gaps or opportunities for an improved smart and sustainable city  Environment / Energy / etc

Proposed initiatives
3). Smart environment

As mentioned above, this is a topic about the smart city of Toronto. You need to do three small questions under two major topics.

In the background section, I hope you find Toronto’s existing symbol of a smart city and talk about how it affects Toronto (need example). And the energy and environmental gap between Toronto and other smart cities (such as Zurich).

The proposal part, how to improve the environment to make Toronto more progressive as a smart city

Please cite specific ideas using specific sources and parenthetical references using APA style.  In this paper, specific references must be citied within the paper, all sources cited must be listed in the References Cited section, and all sources in the References Cited must be found in the paper.

While it is not necessary to follow the detailed specifics of APA formatting of research papers and essays, please do use APA style to format the parenthetical references and the reference list. Parenthetical references in APA use a simple (author last name, year) format. Please pay attention to the different types of sources when compiling the reference list (e.g., journal article, newspaper article, webpage, book, report, etc.). There are many good APA websites that you can consult for guidance on APA reference style, including the Purdue OWL website.

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