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Social Cognition: Thinking about People and Situations

SOC 206 Social Psychology Research Paper Instructions Summer 2020
Choose a topic related to the concepts covered in this course and write a 4-5 page research paper. The topic is your choice but it must be something that can be applied to a topic covered in the text book. Part of this assignment is to be able to choose an applicable topic. If you have problems with choosing a topic let me know.
All papers should follow these guidelines:

1) Follow APA style of referencing. You DO NOT need to include an abstract. Make sure to use intext citations and include a References page. Assistance and resources in using APA format is located in the SOC 206 Course Information module.

2) Your paper requires you use at least 4 references. You can use more if you wish but your references must include: a) Your textbook b) A peer-reviewed scholarly article retrieved from a CCTC library database. (Instructions are located in the SOC 206 Course Information module.) c) Two additional references of your choosing. These could be references from the Internet, a book, a magazine, a documentary, a movie, another peer-reviewed scholarly article, etc. 

3) Papers should be double-spaced with one inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font.

4) Include a title page with your name, SOC 206 Research Paper, and Summer 2020. 

5) Your paper should be about 4-5 pages of written text. This does not include the title page or References page. 

6) Points will be deducted for papers that do not follow the guidelines listed above.

7) Due date/time: Saturday, July 27 by 11:59 PM. There is a folder set up in the Assignments area for you to submit your paper. Make sure to submit your papers as a Word or Rich Text documents. I will accept papers one day late but with an automatic grade level reduction.

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