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Social Justice in the city- Water Scarcity and Sustainability in Global cities

This is a final research paper for a class called Social Justice In the City.  Overall this class focused on themes like urban planning, management, and care for residents in cities in general. Equity, Diversity, Justice, Affordability, and Democracy were some of the main discussions throughout the class.

The assignment is to submit a research paper 5-7 pages in length but needs to fit within the course themes of Social Justice, Planning and Cities
You must use at least 3 academic sources for the paper, in addition to any books and readings used in class. Academic sources come from academic journals and books. Web sites do not constitute academic sources, although you may use relevant organizational web sites, newspaper articles, or popular books in addition to the 3 academic sources listed in your paper. I encourage you to use more than 3 sources. You need to cite your sources appropriately throughout the paper, and to provide a clear bibliography at the end of the paper. The paper should follow a clear and organized format. You need to begin with an introduction, which describes the main thesis of your paper, including the subject or problem that it addresses. The papers thesis should be supported with arguments, evidence, and examples from your sources in the body of the paper. The paper should end with a conclusion that restates your findings.

The topic of this paper is Water scarcity and sustainability in global cities.

Thesis Statement:
Clean Water Scarcity and Sustainability in major cities throughout the world has become an impending threat and if goes unaddressed without a plan in place for the near future, many of these cities could face a multitude of consequences that will be detrimental to the current and future health of their residents.  However, many cities have already faced some of these consequences and are starting to find many successes by implementing new strategies and working with cities throughout the world.

Please use the above as the main argument. You can change the wording around to fit your writing style.

Here is a hypothetical outline but you can write the paper however you want so long as it supports the thesis statement

Introduction with thesis Statement
Scale of the problem
        Cities and Regions Suffering
        What residents are suffering the most?
        Health of the population

Challenges of tackling the problem
        Affordability-Who Pays?
        Technology available
        Population Growth
        Poor infrastructure
        Consumption levels
        Poor waste management
        Equitable for all residents

Strategies for tackling the problem (very important. Please use examples in references)
        Community involvement
        Government Policy
        Incentives to businesses and residents for following policy
        Building relationships with cities facing the problem to work as a team

Cities that have become successful and their specific strategies.


Please use all of the sources that I have attached.  You should also find NEW sources you need to help argue the thesis.  The source must be relevant and come from a schoolmarm or peer reviewed source.
The two main words to really focus on in this paper are Just and Equitable. Write this paper as if its looking at planning and managing cities for the people.

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