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social psychology

I need you to watch The Milgram Experiment 1962 Full Documentary at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdrKCilEhC0 and discuss your reaction.  Discuss what factors did and did not significantly affect the levels of obedience observed in this research. Discuss social impact theory and how it can explain the effects of the various manipulations used. Discuss if the obedience observed in Milgrams research was a function of the culture and time in which the research took place. Support your opinion. How does the power of the experimenter in Milgrams studies compare to people in many other situations, such as government officials, some teachers, parents, some peers, doctors, judges, the police, etc. Discuss the five types of power that are identified.  Which of these types of power was exerted by the experimenter? If you had been participants in this research would you have shown full obedience? Explain your answer. How is this likely to reflect the fundamental attribution error? Discuss the debriefing used by Milgram to try to alleviate the strain that participants were under and to make them feel less awful about what they had learned about themselves. Finally, discuss the irony of the fact that conformity can help individuals resist obedience. How this is consistent with social impact theory.

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