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Sociological Media Analysis

How Does the News Relate to Sociology?

Sociological topics can be found in current events daily.  Find a recent news article of interest to you. This NEEDS to be from any recognized newspaper or magazine that covers current events, such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, or The Wall Street Journal but it should have been published within the last 3 months.  The source must have editorial  board review and and fact checking mechanisms.

The Ivy Tech Virtual Library is an excellent resource in which to find an appropriate article through newspapers and magazines.  It can be accessed at http://www.ivytech.edu/library/Links to an external site.  There is also a link in the Resources area to various English versions of International newspapers.

Read the article considering how it relates to concepts and perspectives in this course. The goal of this paper is to get you to apply class lectures, readings, and the sociological imagination to whats happening in the World.  Specifically, look for ways in which the article utilizes sociological terms, research, or ways in which the topic relates to one of the social institutions (economics, politics, families, education, health, religion).

To complete this assignment, youll need to:

  Write a brief summary of the article.

relate the articles to core concepts in the textbook.
display your knowledge of covered course material, drawing from any of the lessons that fit the topic of the assignment.
        Provide a reference citation of the article youve read, including the title, author, and other publication information.

        Writing Instructions:

        Write in APA/MLA style and cite your sources.

        Proofread for spelling, syntax, and grammar errors.

        Font size 10 or 12.

        Margins 1 inch all around paper.

        Length expected 3-4 pages.

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