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Sociology Of Aging SOC 349

Reply to dis. questions:






Identify your birth cohort – also known as one of the six living generations.  Were you aware that you are a “member” of one of six living generations? If you are not sure what a “birth cohort” is, click on this link and it will help you understand: http://www.marketingteacher.com/the-six-living-generations-in-america/


Do you agree with the characterization of your cohort or do you feel that you should be considered a member of a different cohort?  What are some of the “advantages” of looking at groups of people as belonging to a certain birth cohort? What are the disadvantages (or inaccuracies) of being grouped within a certain birth cohort?  How are birth cohorts helpful in understanding the impacts of aging?




2.  “Just how old are you anyway”




“Just How Old Are You Anyway?”  A “survey” of people guessing your age. Approach a minimum of 10 acquaintances at work, your place of worship, classmates or people you encounter three or four times a week (like the grocery store cashier or a fast-food employee at a restaurant you frequent) who do not know how old you are. Ask them to guess your age.  They only get one guess and that is the response you record.  Once you have recorded their answer ask them what they based their guess on and record that answer.  Provide the results of your “how old am I survey” in terms of how many were correct, how many were incorrect, the average age from the guesses and the delta between the average and your actual age, then categorize or otherwise summarize the basis of their guesses. 

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